Strategies to follow while playing Teen Patti

What is Teen Patti?

The game is known to have originated in India before being popularised all over south Asia. It is said to be inspired by the British game of 3 card Brag. Today, the Teen Patti has given rise to another popular card game. The famous game of ‘flush’ is a simplified of Teen Patti. Teen Patti is an Asian favorite, and one that is played at home whenever families get together for festivals. If you are also among those Teen Patti players looking to improve yourself in this game, then, here are some amazing Strategies to follow while playing Teen Patti.

How it is played?


The game is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards, but excludes the Joker cards. The game is usually played between a group of 3 to 6 people. This is a game where the dealer also plays. A bet amount is fixed and all players place this bet on the table. They are handed 3 face-down cards each, along with the dealer and the collected bets make the Pot.

Then comes the time to make the decision as to if you want to bet, or fold. Players must continue betting till either only one person remains, or two opponents remain. In the first case, the remaining person on the table wins the pot. In the second case, the two remaining players place their bets for a show and then reveal their cards. The player holding the stronger hand wins of course.

Things to remember

  • Remember that Teen Patti is not a game of luck. It’s a game of skill. It is possible to win the entire pot with the worst cards on the table. It all depends on how you play your hand, and whether or not you can convince the opponents that you have the best cards. Professionals often can make educated guesses on who has the best cards, however even that doesn’t always work. So what it essentially boils down to, is how well you can read others, and how you play.
  • Practice as much as you can before you play for money. Going in without understanding the game, or betting without totally understanding what to bet on, can lead to serious losses.
  • How you use your money to bet can also have a huge impact on how your opponents think. For example, very big bets can come off as a bluff, but if you do have good a good hand, it can convince others to bet on a big hand and add to the pot before ultimately losing when the cards are revealed.
  • Do not be afraid to lose. You are going to lose sometimes, and in the bigger picture, sometimes it can be beneficial to do so. It increases the confidence of your opponent which can over time become easier to manipulate. You can also plant false ‘tells’ or behaviors to confuse your opponents in the future rounds, and thus win a bigger pot.

Strategies to follow while playing Teen Patti


  • Always start with small bets. There is no point in getting greedy and starting a game with a big bet. Especially in the first round, you haven’t had enough time or information to understand everyone’s tells, or even how the game is going.
  • Side bets are usually a sure-fire way to lose more money if you are not a professional player. The house edge for this game is usually a low 2.26% or similar, but add on side bets, and the house edge can dramatically increase to 15% and more.
  • Having a bad hand doesn’t immediately mean you are going to lose. It is very important to not lose your nerve when playing and to be able to read other players. If you can play confidently without putting out too much, it is possible that players with a better hand than yours will fold before you, therefore giving you the edge.
  • On the opposite end, just because you have a good hand does not mean an automatic win. Watch your opponents styles, patterns, and their expression. Get as many people as you can to either fold, or if you think they have a bad hand, to bet more. Then you can swoop in and collect the pot.
  • Another trick that can help you both eliminate players and give you a better understanding of where you stand. To do this, you can demand what is called a sideshow. You compare cards with a player sitting next to you. Whoever has the worse hand must immediately fold out of the round. If you lose in the sideshow, you will simply lose your initial bet. Unless you have a big bet at stake, chances are you will lose lesser with a sideshow than in the main game.
  • Teen patti is played with strategies. The downside to memorising strategies and patterns is that opponents can catch on to such patterns and you can end up losing when the pot and bets are already large. So, a good way to play is to be a little unpredictable. Know your own strategies and mix them up randomly sometimes.
  • Know your tell. Know how you act when you have a good hand vs when you don’t. Pulling ears, biting nails, looking sideways, and many more small actions are heavily scrutinized on the Teen Patti table. If you know how you act at certain moments, you can actually use it to create a pattern that your opponent tries to bank on, and then switching it in the last moment can trap your competitors into a difficult situation.
  • Playing blind is a good idea. Don’t do it all the time, but betting without seeing your cards can sometimes help you to confuse other players. They are effectively left without any information, and can help you win your hand.

These are some of the amazing Strategies to follow while playing Teen Patti. You must have a good command on the strategies if you want to be a good Teen Patti Player.


Teen Patti is an easy game to understand the basics of. However, at its heart, the game is one of skill. Thus it is a game that can become complex. As long as one goes into it with ample amount of practice and a good command on the Strategies to follow while playing Teen Patti. Teen Patti can be a game to win big without the crutch of unfaithful luck.

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