Tips and Tricks for playing Jhandi Munda

What is Jhandi Munda?

Jhandi Munda is a game of chance that came up in the 18th century when sailors would play this game aboard long inter-continental journeys. The most well-known version from that time that has remained, is the British game called Crown and Anchor. Jhandi Munda is the version of Crown and Anchor that originated in Arunachal Pradesh.

Today, it is a gambling game that is essentially played as a form of entertainment. If you also want to play Jhandi Munda then here are some amazing Tips and Tricks for playing Jhandi Munda you should know before playing the game.

How to play?


Jhandi Munda is a game that is played with special dice. Each dice has its own special symbol carved or designed onto it. Usually, these are the 6 card designs that include crown, anchor, diamond, spade, club, and heart. 

The game is played against the banker who takes the bets and gives out winnings. This is a gambling game with the banker having a pretty big edge.


In front of the players is a board with all the symbols on them. In the past, this used to be crudely drawn, but today it is usually a felt board. Players place their bets on the mat or board on the symbols that they choose to bet on. Once the bets are placed, the dice are rolled. 

The way payouts work is 2:1 for one symbol, 3:1 for two symbols, and so on. This means that if you 10$ for a bet, you will get 20$ back if the symbol you chose shows up only once, 30$ if the same symbol shows up twice, and so on and so forth. 

If none of the chosen symbols show up, then the player loses their bet. 

Tips and Tricks for playing Jhandi Munda


  • This is a gambling game. Though mathematical probability can help you slightly, overall the game is more based on luck than on any real skill. Do not think that you can win back everything, because, like all games based on luck, it is easy enough to lose it all in one go. 
  • Walk away when you are at the top. Too many players think that if they keep going after they have won a big hand, putting down all of their winnings will get them a larger win. Though potentially that may be the case, more often than not, players lose out on those big bets and all that they had won in the past. 
  • Start small, but this is one game where having a big wallet helps. The best way to win something off the board is to double down on your losses till you win it all back, or make a profit. Once you win, go back into making smaller bets, and do not put all your newly won money into it. 
  • Bet on two symbols at once but no more. Betting on three symbols or more can instead cause you to lose money even if some of the symbols show up. There is a higher chance that one or two symbols will show up, but a very low chance that all the symbols will show up together. This means that if you bet on 3 symbols and only one shows up, you still lose two-thirds of your total bet. 
  • The house edge for the game is pretty large. Only those with massive bankrolls can afford to close the gap somewhat. 
  • On average, players can win back 92% of their overall bankroll. That means you will be playing at an average 8% loss every game. Trying to outdo that requires deep pockets that can bet more every time they lose and wait till all their losses are immediately paid back. 

So, these are some Tips and Tricks for playing Jhandi Munda that you should follow while playing Jhandi Munda.

Jhandi Munda Online


Like all things in the modern world, this time-worn game has been updated. Today you can find the game in online casinos. The advantage of playing online is that allows players to understand the game better and play more carefully. 

Most online casinos allow smaller starting bets. Unlike playing at home or at a physical location, you will not be pushed to pay more just because everyone else is, if you are not comfortable with it. As long as you can pay the minimum amount posted, you can be a part of the game. 

Moreover, some sites might be able to give you a smaller house edge than the one given in physical casinos. This is because online casinos have significantly lower running costs. Most reputed online casinos will publish their house edge, so always remember to look them up when you are searching for a site to play.  

The best part of playing online on automated systems is that they are built to eliminate underhanded tricks. This means that you are playing a game that cannot be cheated. Games like Jhandi Munda or slots usually have a built-in Random Number generator, that is built to ensure that each roll of the dice is truly unique. In physical locations, it is easier to physically meddle with the dice or swap out certain elements of the game. 

However, to make sure that you are truly protected when playing online, make sure that the website you are visiting is registered with the gambling commission of their country. You can also look up reputed review sites where you can see what their most common complaints are. Websites with established industry awards are also usually great to play at. An online casino’s concern towards mental health and gambling addiction also normally is a tell-tale sign of how good they are.

Last but not least, look for sites that have more than one way to get in touch with customer service. Chats are not very helpful if they are the only method available. The best sites will have phone numbers, office addresses, and all other information published on their site to facilitate the players. 


Jhandi Munda is a time-honored game with a rich history. It is an entertaining game that is worth playing if you have the time and funds. It might be impossible to have a sure-fire way to win this game, but when you only care about having fun and follow these Tips and Tricks for playing Jhandi Munda then everyone is already a winner.

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